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The general dentistry practice is in suite 804 of the  30 North Michigan building at the southwest corner of Washington and Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago
Teeth Cleaning
This important health treatment is stressed by our office. Not only is your overall health improved, your teeth can remain bright and free of plaque.
We keep  noon time appointments open for this very important service.
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Complete Dental Services
We respect your time and always strive to be flexible with your busy schedule.
We know anatomy well and  try to satisfy your concerns based on the way you use your teeth and utilze a home care program. Be responsible for several components of the digestive system and take part in the involvement of the respiratory system. The oral cavity shares two systems functioning simultaneously, vital in the assistance of humans the digestive and respiratory systems.
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    Teeth Whitening
    To achieve the best results, our office recommends remineralization of the enamel first. This essential step conditions the enamel prior to bleaching.
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    Teeth Cleaning
    Without question the optimum plan to retain the health of your teeth and gums is have a prophylaxis every 6 month.
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    Continued Education
    For the last 32 years, Dr. Moore has attended many CE courses. Currently he is in the final stage of presenting a CE course base on dissection anatomy.
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    Smile Adjusmtents
    Ask us if we can improve your smile. Remember form always follows function.
  1. Whitening Available
    Whitening Available
  2. Guess her age?
    Guess her age?
  3. Clear Correct vs. Brackets
    Clear Correct vs. Brackets
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We strive to make each visit productive and painless.
Please let us know your anxiety level so we can accommodate your  temperment.